Romain Perrot

Romain PERROT works on noise and interferences.

He is one of the pioneers of the “Harsh Noise Wall” and he defined the genre.

In it, noise is continuous, monolithic, and yet perceived differently by each listener.

Romain Perrot has released more than 300 recordings and regularly performs live, within the international noise scene. For the past 20 years, he has conducted many solo or collaborative projects.

The harsh noise wall is a continuous, monolithic wall of sound, hyper powerful, and manufactured with the bare minimum.
His craft is to completely immerse the audience in a wall of white noise: a sound composed of all audible frequencies, each frequency having the same energy.
Under the project name "VOMIR", Romain Perrot uses walls of white noise to account for the feeling of confinement and isolation by sound.
For the duration of his performances, he leaves his machines running and remains standing, motionless, back to the public with a plastic bag on his head.


Main live shows: Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Houston, Venise, Bruxelles, Lausanne, Wroclaw... 


Conferences: University of Cork, University of Southampton, Université Paris 8, Institut Louis Lumière, Philarmonie de Paris / Cambridge University, HEAR Strasbourg, Ecole des Beaux Arts Mulhouse

Romain Perrot also works on other different projets.

TROU AUX RATS is synthetic organs driven music, romantic and funeral.

'heavily distorted organ mingling with the damp and mould and scrape of corroded metal. But there’s loveliness peeking through as well, bleached-out melodie'

(the quietus).


RORO PERROT is shit folk. acoustic raw punk: no chords, no musical knowledge, raw chant, despair and rage.


Romain PERROT works also on photography, film (Free As Dead), drawings (Absurdum fanzine).

Past projects include Falot, Romprai Etron, Romses, Ennui.


He collaborates in MAGINOT (w/ Paul Hegarty),and in KILL (w/ Unglee Zi, Andy Bolus, Kasper Toeplitz, Zofie TAuber, Gael Angelis) and participates in free noise sessions.

Past collaboration include Freya (w/ Fred Nipi), Mahayoni Mudra, Dust Breeders, Arschgeil, Brahmane...

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